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Online Business English Groups

Online Workshop

Practice Business English Live in Small Online Groups

We meet in Zoom meetings with small groups to practice  business English with other professionals. Our discussions focus on business situations you will encounter in real life. Our program is designed to help you gain more confidence to explain the benefits of your software program, give a sales pitch about your new device, or the sell the cost benefits of your supply chain system. 

Improve Your Business Skills for Real Life

Our English lessons are incorporated into business skills discussions. As we practice English, we also learn time management skills, motivation excercises, sales techniques, and savvy networking. We prepare you for real world situations.

At the Meeting Room

Lead by Native English Speakers with Years of Business Experience

Our instructors aren't just native English speakers, we are business professionals. We understand how important communication is in business. Our program is designed to help you improve the skills that you need to succeed.

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